Every week, the Director of Physical Health and Wellness at Community of Unity, Jean Carlos (JC) Artiles, takes students on an outdoor journey. On November 4th, JC led Community of Unity students on a 3.6-mile hike around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. The group gathered at the school and took the subway together to Brooklyn and hiked the entire loop of Prospect Park. Along this route, they walked along the lake, experienced wildlife, and connected over the beauty of the wilderness.

“One thing that [she is] took away from the experience is that [she] got to go to places that [she has] never gone to and [she] thinks that it was really fun to see different cool things.” Said Joanna M.

The goal of urban and wilderness trips is to cultivate belonging through working on interpersonal skills, problem solving, self-efficacy, and a growth mindset in new and exciting environments.

“One of the most magical moments while leading urban/wilderness trips is witnessing students discover their relationship to nature.” Said JC, Director of Physical Health and Wellness.

These trips give students the opportunity to learn new things about the world and about themselves as they navigate a new journey together.