Our approach is intense. Our results are profound.

Since 2001, Community of Unity has directly impacted NYC’s most underserved urban youth through our holistic, uniquely low-ratio, high-impact services.

Our 8 Year Sequence:

Counseling and Mentoring begins with the F.A.M. (Facilitation, Advocacy, Mentorship).

Program Goals:

  • Improve attendance and consistency in school performance
  • Increase confidence, self-awareness, and other social-emotional skills
  • Develop a growth mindset and and deeper connections with peers

The backbone of our Counseling and Mentoring program, FAM groups of 10 youth participants and one counselor engage in weekly group meetings and 1:1 coaching sessions throughout our 8 year sequence. The restorative circle structure of our peer groups provides a safe space for students to strengthen their sense of identity, as they engage in activities that help them develop a more expansive understanding of themselves and their potential for success and fulfillment.

Participants maintain their 1:1 coaching relationship throughout the eight year program; mentors meet our Post-Secondary Year 5-8 students on their college campus, near their place of employment, or through virtual online sessions.

Physical Health and Wellness is vital to mental and emotional well-being.

Program Goals:

  • Build leadership and social-emotional skills outside of an urban environment
  • Increase appreciation of nature and the outdoors by experiencing green spaces
  • Broaden a student’s perspective about their capacity and potential through physical activity

Through our community partnerships with fitness centers, yoga studios, and other advocates of active lifestyle choices, our students have access to a wide variety of ways to stay active, and the support to keep them motivated.

Learning in nature has been linked to improved relationship skills, and reduced stress. Whether they’re hiking, overnight camping, or taking a quick trip to one of NYC’s many green spaces, our outdoor education program gives our students access to nature, enabling them to learn about themselves and their environment, and develop a lifelong appreciation of the natural world.

College/Career Explorations help students expand their understanding of their future potential.

Program Goals:

  • Maintain a future-focused, growth mindset
  • Strengthen skills in problem solving, self-advocacy, and professionalism
  • Develop short- and long-term career goals through professional mentoring and networking events

This program provides students with the knowledge, tools, and structures needed to make informed decisions about themselves. This empowers students to envision their future selves, construct dynamic pathways forward, and connect to resources that will aid in the implementation of their plans.

We do this through exposure and access to Opportunities—including internships, college visits, workshops, professional mentorships and extracurricular activities.