Young people in New York City who face adverse circumstances deserve to find success and fulfillment in life.

Community of Unity CONNECTS with youth, EMPOWERING them to make choices that lead to growth and INSPIRING their pursuit of a personally satisfying future. Our programs empower adolescents to develop a pathway toward a future of their own design.

Here’s how it happens:

& Counseling

Low ratio, high impact.

Our experienced counselors work with adolescents as both their 1:1 coach and peer-group facilitator to create connections and build trust.
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College & Career

Seize the moment, focus on the future.

Individual coaching and access to interest-based opportunities enable our young people to develop a pathway toward a future of their design.
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Physical Health
& Wellness

Shifting perspectives, gaining confidence.

Outdoor education promotes exploration and reflection in nature; persevering through challenging experiences enhances physical and mental fitness.
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Programmatic and Corporate Partners Who Make Our Work Possible Include:

“Community of Unity empowered me to speak my truth – every time I do, I learn more about who I am and who I am becoming.”

“Because of Community of Unity, I now know I have a voice worthy of being heard. I matter.”


“The positive energy from my group got me through high school as a troubled kid. It was always like a family – I was able to say anything there, with no judgement. It’s the reason why I was able to make it through and make it to college.”


“The friendships and bonds with the girls in my group were like a sisterhood. We have seen each other cry, we have been there for each other, whenever we needed to express something, we did.”


“Because of Community of Unity, I now think of my individual purpose in life as my SONG. I am in control of my SONG, and no-one else’s. I will play my SONG as consistently as I can, for the rest of my life.”


All young people deserve to be seen and treated as individuals.

Our unique approach to youth development, coupled with our ability to partner with school personnel and family members in support of each young person’s growth, is the best-fit model for social- emotional skill building for underserved urban youth.

With the right support, our programs can provide the robust services and relentless engagement needed to catalyze growth and change for NYC’s most vulnerable adolescents.


Help support our web3 mentorship program and wellness programs

Join us as we team up with Dogpound, SevaLove, and NFT Classroom as we launch the 1st web3 elective class at New Design High School and continue our wellness programming with the Dogpound gym.

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