Our dedicated staff provide the consistent, compassionate support that enables our young people to make the choices that lead to growth.

“I love this work because it provides me an opportunity to engage with my passion which is to create a deep connection with youth and mobilize them to take control of their future and change their prescribed narrative. The process in and of itself is an opportunity for growth for not only the students but myself. This work keeps me grounded in what is truly important.”

— Tiana Morrison, LMSW – Executive Director & Director of Counseling & Peer Mentorship

“When we begin our work together, students often find the idea that they are going to “design their future” to be abstract and theoretical, but as we continue to engage and move through the college process, the abstract becomes personal and the theoretical becomes real until they realize that they do have a plan, that they know what comes next, that they have in fact designed their future.”

– Susan Donovan – Director of College/Career Explorations

“As someone who has truly benefitted from the impact this work has in the lives of young people, I can say that without Community of Unity, my life would be dramatically different. Even with the resources necessary to navigate the ups and downs of adolescence, things can still be challenging. But for NYC youth who start the race with an array of disadvantages, any kind of support is crucial in the assurance of their success.”

— Jean-Carlos Artiles – Director of Physical Health and Wellness

“It’s both humbling and empowering to work in an environment where youth and staff are called to live their unique SONG. I love knowing that, even if we come at this life from different perspectives, we’re all seeking to find answers to the same big questions.”

— Audrey Jaynes MSW, Post-Secondary Counseling and Mentorship

“As an alumni, I know that Community of Unity has had an impact on my life. Many great relationships, as well as lessons, have been gained from my experience in the program. As the alumni coordinator, I want to provide an alumni voice and perspective on the staff, as well as creating an environment for other alum to engage.”

— Christian Fonseca, Alumni Coordinator

“As an Applied Developmental Psychologist with a deep passion for educational equity, social justice and child advocacy, I am inspired to be a part of a community that challenges the status quo by empowering its students to discover and reach their true potential and purpose. I am in awe of the C of U teams who work tirelessly to remove obstacles to student achievement, as well as the students whose daily experiences are filled with challenges and promise.”

— Sonia Roubeni, Ph.D., Director of Research

“As a social worker and FAM counselor, I seek to empower people to speak their truth and to feel known and seen through the healing power of human connection. Community of Unity provides a container for our young people to feel connected to their peers, to learn about themselves and to design the future as they see fit – with full access to all the opportunities our organization can provide. It is an honor and a gift to do this work. I look forward to continuing my growth in the service of others, both as a professional and as a human being.”

— Erick Miller, FAM Counselor

“I founded Community of Unity because of my deep conviction that all young people are deserving of love, trust and laughter.”

— Eric Komoroff, Founder

Our Board

Kelly Burke
Bobby Khouz
Eric Komoroff
Pawel Maslag
Christopher Oliver
Kyle Olson
Sonia Roubeni
Marisa Zullin

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