About Us

At Community of Unity we realize that life is a series of choices, and that the path we are on is determined always by the decisions we make each day. Our motto, tellingly, is Make Good Choices, and our programs are anchored by a distinctive approach to youth development that empowers young people to awaken their unique purpose and potential, which we call the “SONG”.


Our SONG approach is built around the exploration and development of seven essential life skills, or “INSTRUMENTS”: Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Responsibility, Integrity, Sense of Humor, Empathy and Focus. This model informs every aspect of Community of Unity’s work: from peer group meetings and one-on-one mentoring to individual advocacy, college guidance, and our organizational and school support programming; trusting relationships and non-denominational spiritual tools support students as they seek and discover their own personal path to success.


Since 2001, Community of Unity has directly impacted NYC’s most underserved urban youth through our holistic, uniquely “high-touch”, long term, peer- and relationship-driven, social-emotional learning programs, and has indirectly impacted countless others via professional development programs for educators, counselors, social workers, families, school administrators and school networks.