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COMMUNITY OF UNITY empowers young people to achieve success and fulfillment by awakening in them an understanding of their unique purpose and potential.


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Tamia: Be your best ever!

DooBop Article: Lessons From Our Favorite Teen, Tamia: On Being Your Best-Ever

Beauties, It doesn’t really matter the month, the season or the proximity to a national holiday – personal renewal is always fitting. It is the most beautiful thing we can do for ourselves at any time in our lives. Igniting change from within and then outwardly expressing that change in every way possible to the […]

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Community of Unity: In Celebration of Digital Learning Day

"To celebrate Digital Learning Day, CWP@Fairfield tapped into the brilliance of Ms. Megan O'Neill's 1st graders at Hill Central Academy ...

NDMS Boy’s Basketball

Currently, the New Design Knights are playing in two leagues and have experienced success in both so far.  The first ...