On the Thursday before Halloween, Community of Unity seniors were hard at work. They delivered 137 Candygrams, bundles filled with candy and an individualized message to students and teachers at New Design High School.

When the senior girls FAM group started discussing whether they were going to attend Fright Fest, a New Design organized senior event, many were concerned about paying the steep entrance fee. Using their problem-solving skills and the guidance of senior girls FAM advisor Tiana Morrison, they devised a plan to sell Candygrams to help with the fees.

The team got right to work creating flyers, composing a budget, and organizing a schedule for selling and delivering. FAM students sold during lunches and met after school to put the bundles together.

In addition to the goal of raising money towards Fright Fest costs, the seniors wanted to do something to bring their New Design classmates and teachers together.

“Lots of [the Candygrams] were delivered as surprises so we had to be careful not to give it away,” said senior Savannah S. “It was really nice to see the smiles on people’s faces when they opened the messages”.

Overall, the group received $234 in donations by advocating for their cause, and raised $569 through Candygrams sales. They demonstrated incredible teamwork and learned important leadership and fundraising skills. Job well done FAM!